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My series, “A PATH TO SUSTAINABLE LIFE SATISFACTION,” is six-episode web video series documenting how I help people master their lives by utilizing six empowering components that comprise my SUSTAINABLE LIFE SATISFACTION TECHNIQUES.

My mission is to use my experience and expertise to help you realize the kind of life satisfaction and inherent lovability” that’s dependent on no one but you and sustain it. I know this is possible because it’s a theory that I have researched and developed from cognitive-behavior therapy and refined over my 20 years of successful interaction with clients. I have created a blueprint that sees them self-reliant and effective in every area of their lives. They channel their strengths, not their weaknesses, they no longer look for outside approval – instead they have an active reinforcement that comes from within!

The “A PATH TO SUSTAINABLE LIFE SATISFACTION monthly digital series (which was launched in October 2017) is available for viewing on Youtube.

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The Remastered “A PATH TO SUSTAINABLE LIFE SATISFACTION” monthly web series features shorter episodes, (4:00 – 5:00 minutes in length), a remixed audio track and new theme song. It was released in August 2019 and is available for viewing on YouTube. The cumulative views for the original and remastered series is about three quarters of million.